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              Quzhou Taiwei Precise Machinery Co., Ltd is founded in 2002, the national high & new technology enterprise and patent demonstration enterprise,which is specialized in providing the complete sets of equipment, production process and equipment matching scheme for footwear, leather goods, cases& bags industries.We are also Chinese leather association member units,and deputy director of committee member units of the leather machinery branch of the national light industry machinery standardization committee. In recent years, with the continuous development of the enterprise, shoemaking machinery division, aerodynamic division and hydraulic pneumatic division have been set up. 

              Shoemaking Machinery Division is a professional department which can offer one-stop service for varieties of footwear, leather goods, cases&bags enterprises,including workshop layout, equipment selection, production process design and other train service sector.Introduce the advanced technology from Italy, Germany, Britain and other countries, at the same time  our company has employed 30 years experience senior designer as main designer.The main products of hydraulic cutting machine, stretch lasting machine, pressing machine, heel setting machine, splitting machine,total five series and more than 100 technical specifications of the products, have been optimized, so as to lay the five major series of products in the domestic industry technology leadership. Actively participate in international competition in the market, the products have been entered more than 30 countries and regions, it has the special agents in Italy, Russia, Turkey, Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Iran, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia and other places.

              All products have passed the European CE certification, ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification and the United States CNAS C020-Q certification. By the end of 2015 we have been completed twelve Zhejiang provincial industrial new product projects, two Zhejiang key technical innovation projects, and one Zhejiang high-tech products. We are main chief editor of 《shoe machinery hydraulic cutting machine and embossing machine safety requirements》,《shoe machinery hydraulic cutting machine 》and《Shoe Machinery travelling head hydraulic cutting machine 》. At the same time, involved in the drafting eight industry standards. Now we have obtained five invention patents, thirty utility model patents , four appearance patents.

              Aerodynamics Division:  we found that the start of all projects is inseparable with the supporting of air compressor when our company supplied foreign contracted projects. Thereof, based on the supporting of the local national-level aerodynamic base, we’ve  invested the strong technology company, to win the technological advantage in the same kind products. Currently, our aerodynamic division is capable to fulfil 200,000 units complete machines , 300,000 units mainframe machines and 500,000 units variety of accessories annually.  Our products have high reputation in the industry,  50% of the products exported to Europe and Southeast Asia market .

              Hydraulic Pneumatic Division: Depend on near 30 years technology accumulation in the hydraulic pneumatic industry,  our company can supply the optimized design for the location where need to specially adopt the hydraulic pneumatic requirement , to solve the urgent needs for customers who have the special requirements. Meanwhile, combined with our rich experience to cooperate with some international giants from European countries in the industry, we can provide technical and productive services for manufacturers in the area of domestic machinery, metallurgy, auto, shipbuilding, military, aerospace, water conservancy, light industry etc.

              Company spirit“ honesty, innovation, development”, and business philosophy“ professional manufacturer of high-quality products, science and technology promotion value and service to win market”. We always take“ creating international brand as own duty”, sincerely welcome domestic & foreign counterparts and customers to visiting the company for technical guidance, sightseeing, win-win cooperation, in order to extract more enterprise development space.

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