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Taiwei participated in the first 2019 China (PuTian) international Footwear & Clothing Product Fair


    On November 15~ 17, the first 2019 China (putian) international Footwear & Clothing Product Fair , China (putian) footwear industry transformation and upgrading & intelligent manufacturing exhibition. This exhibition Taiwei precision cutting machine series: Taiwei CNC cutting machine, Taiwei four-column cutting machine, Taiwei swing arm cutting machine, etc., for the major manufacturers to provide mature overall intelligent cutting solutions.

    With the theme of "innovation in science and technology, building the future with wisdom", the expo focuses on win-win cooperation in production, supply and marketing, and takes the in-depth integration of industrial chains as the direction to build a platform for communication and cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, so as to promote the upgrading and development of the industry. During the exhibition, Taiwei booth attracted many industry partners to come to watch, at the same time in charge of the patient explanation of the use of the characteristics of the cutting machine. In this regard, PuTian radio and television station also carried out relevant shooting reports on the products exhibited by taiwei precision machinery.

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