N95 madk machine

Taiwei mask cutting machine can be used for the production of various masks, such as N95 masks, KN95 masks, cup masks, disposable masks, etc., the machine is very durable, tel:+86 15356708302? Email: taiwei@twcdj.com Wechat: 15356708302

  • Name: Hydraulic Automatic Feeding Cutting Machine
  • No.: a-002
  • Views : 350

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Our hyraulic auto-feeding cutting machine is suitable for cutting various kind of products and materials as below: vacuum form, washing free tableware, double foam shell, stationery, toy, leather product, leather bag, boot, car stepped board,carpet, combined picture, wood board, composed board, shoes, soft PU foam,circuit board, name plate, PC, PVC, sticky paper,copper-aluminum piece, fibre,hat, umbrella...etc.
Adopt three cylinders balance base, speed up the stroke between top and bottom,improve the production efficiency.
The rotating disc attached to the upper die shift automatically, protect the lifetime of cutting die and cutting table.
New patent: Bending moving arms transfer, feed the Cutting to the cutting point,quickly, accurately and stably which can avoid oil leakage when traditional oil cylinder feeding and prevent feeding cutting damage caused by oil seal wear decompression problem.



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