N95 madk machine

Taiwei mask cutting machine can be used for the production of various masks, such as N95 masks, KN95 masks, cup masks, disposable masks, etc., the machine is very durable, tel:+86 15356708302? Email: taiwei@twcdj.com Wechat: 15356708302


It fits for foam, cardboard, fabric, leather product, plastic, flooring, fibreglass soft wood etc..die cutting.Especially for big area sheet material and the whole blister package cutting work. This machine can be good for cutting precision operation and big cutting power output.
Douhle oil-cylinder, precise four-Column automatic balance link rod mechanism make the place and depth are same complete.
Adopting the single and double edge automatic feeding installation, improve the dfficiency of the machine 2-3times, fully play the functicn of machine, saving the labor cost.
Differential design, the knives down to automatic slow cutting, so no difference between upper and lower level.
It will not have the continuous or trimmings in edge when cutting the environment-friendly material, such as PS, EPE, OPS, PET,ABS etc., and will not have the dust in the box when cutting the food box.
Fine tuning installation of cutting power can get the cutting power quickly, due to the precise of cutting balance degree, the lost of knives and sheets cutting can reduce greatly.
Adopting linear sliding rail automatic feeding quietly, non-shaking when the material in and out, and putting and taking products are easy,highly safe. Choose the single and double feeding device according tc customers needs.



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