N95 madk machine

Taiwei mask cutting machine can be used for the production of various masks, such as N95 masks, KN95 masks, cup masks, disposable masks, etc., the machine is very durable, tel:+86 15356708302? Email: taiwei@twcdj.com Wechat: 15356708302

  • Name: Precise Four-column Hydraulic Cutting Machine (specially for blister industry)
  • No.: a-012
  • Views : 365

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This type is widely used in cutting various non-metal materials by die cuts
Double oil cylinders and precise double-crank connecting balance construction,which guarantee the cutting depth of each cutting spots are completely same.
Special optimized construction,with cutting knife and cutting depth setting,makes the travel adjustment easy and accurate.
The pressing board automatic slows down while reaching the die cuts, makes sure that no measurement error between the uppermost layer and the lowermost layer of the material.
Central oil automatic lubricating system guarantees machine precision and prolongs machine lifetime.
Products of special specifications can be customized.



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