N95 madk machine

Taiwei mask cutting machine can be used for the production of various masks, such as N95 masks, KN95 masks, cup masks, disposable masks, etc., the machine is very durable, tel:+86 15356708302? Email: taiwei@twcdj.com Wechat: 15356708302

  • Name: Hydrauilc Clicking Presses Machine With Turning Arm
  • No.: a-024
  • Views : 405

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Different from conventional swing arm cutting press machines. This type has improved based on the shortcomings, it works quietly,powerfully and speedily. 1k is easy to operate and fast, which saves labor cost, has become a powerful tool for upgrading work efficiency in this industry.
Operation only with double hands, none fault of repeat cutting several times, hight safety.
The cutting stroke can be speedily adjusted in accordance with the height of die cut and thickness of materials.
Switching spare parts is the most convenient in all same kinds of machines.



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